Vasiliki Kolipetsa
ΤΕLEPHONE: ++30 6977–262 202
PLACE OF BIRTH: Athens, Greece
2002-2012: Athens (Greece) University of Fine Arts Graduate Degree (A+),
Field: Engraving. I am also still studying on final Degree Essay of the Curving Sector of Athens University of fine Arts.
1996-2012: Athens (Greece) University of Fine Arts Graduate Degree (A+),
Field: Painting. I am also still studying on final Degree Essay of the Curving Sector of Athens University of fine Arts.
1992-1993: Greek Art Centre and Culture, Byzantine hagiography
1990-1992: Work techniques on Art Preservation and archaeological findings.
1987-1988: University of Athens, History of Art.
1985-1990: Nikolaos Perantinos, Marble Sculpting, plaster art techniques.
1985-1988: Vrasidas Vlahopoulos, linear, free drawing, Sculpture.
1983-1985: George Vogiatzis, linear, free drawing.
Member of EETE Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. My works are in public and private collections, as well as in Piraeus Bank's collection after a diploma and awards in November 2013.
FOREIGN LANGUAGES: National Center for Public Administration Institute of Further Education, Department of Foreign Languages, IDE English: Level Certificate Lower.
WORK HISTORY: From 1988 until today 29 years of service in the Maintenance of Art Works and Archaeological Findings degree A. Summary: 1st Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities CAP. Fund for Archaeological Resources and Expropriations Department for the Preservation of Antiquities and Modern Monuments
1988: Award, 7th Panhellenic painters Exhibition.
I would also like to state the honour I received by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese cultural center of New York, US, for my work in iconography, in the light of the preservation of the Greek cultural in heritage.
1987: Commendation, 6th Panhellenic painters Exhibition (Greece is also known as Hellas).
  • Epic «mini print» Domaine K. Gofas.
  • Mini-print prize K. Gofas. International label contest.
  • 2° AWARTS Engraving contest ART and the city (CITY LINK). «engraving the ATHENS2013».
  • 2nd Engraving Award at the ART md the city - CITY LINK contest: Carving in Athens. Sponsor: PIRAEUS BANK
  • Award from the International Society of Greek Writers and Artists.
  • Award for my contribution to art by the International Academy "THEA ATHENS".
1991 & 1992: EXCELLENCE from the 4th TEAL Department of Art Maintenance.
1988: Prize at the Pan-Hellenic Painting Exhibition of the Parnassus Literary Association.
1987: Praise to the Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of the Parnassus Philological Association.
1980: Prize for amateur painting contest A.B.C. School of Painting.
1979: Democritus Award. Panhellenic Mathematical Contest.
2017: Win Win Cooperation. Belt and Road International Printmaking Invitational Exhibition Works. China
2017: Kunstretreat Enter into Art 2017, mini print. Germany
2017: 16th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms Polant - Lodz
2017: International ExibitionPrinmaking“ Belt and Road” National Gallery Sofia Bulgaria and Museum Guanlan
2017: 6thBiennale International Engraving Competition. Participation in the KARΥATIDA 1 project, Guanlan China.
2017: 1st Stage ΗIDA TAKAYAMA, Woodcut Competition, JAPANESE.
2017: 8th Split graphic Biennial printmaking. Editing Ingrid Ledent CROATIA.
2017: July Festival of Tinos. Painting - Engraving "Reference to Kazantzakis". Art project Ch. Santamouris. Participation in engraving.
2017: Autumn-Winter 75 issue. 2016-2017 Days of Art in Greece. Tribute to my work p. 191.
2017: Presentation of my engraving work in the newspaper Echo on 29 September.
2017: Personal invitation in WORKSHOP Engraving to Project "SILK ROAD" in Guanlam Original Printmaking Base China.
2017: Educational Society Bookstore "Art Gallery". Exhibition Letters and Truths.January February.
2017: "The Mastic Garden and the Seeds Garden". Erbario Konstantinos Stavridis& Engraving V. Kolipetsa. Exhibition booth with the generous sponsorship of Eleusis Cyclades, May 2017.
2017: 63rd Kifissia Flower Exhibition. Presentation and exhibition by KYKEON ELEFSIS The garden of Hippocrates engraving.
2016: 7th KIWA Kyoto International Woodprint Association print exhibition JAPAN 2016.
2016: 8th International Biennial Douro. Douro PORTUGAL 2016.
2015: 5th International Biennial Guanlan China 2015.
2015: 2nd Global print Douro PORTUGAL 2015.
2014: 7th International print making Douro PORDUGAL 2014.
2014: 7th International Triennial of Graphic Arts SOFIA BULGARIA 2014.
2014: 15th International Triennale of small graphic Londz POLAND2014.
Xth International ex libris competition ex libris - ex amore 2014 RUSE
2014: 7° CONCORSO international ex libris di bodio lomnago “Poesia musica del cuore” ΙTALY 2014.
I Biennale international de mini print grabados de Aguadilla PEURTO RICO2014.
2013: 4th International print Biennial Χαρακτικής Guanlan CHINA 2013.
2013: 1th International Global print Douro 2013.PORTUGAL
2013: 6th International Biennial Splitgraphic CRΟAΤΙΑΝ 2013.
2013: 17th International print Biennial Varna BULGARIA 2013.
2013: I international ex libris competition “wine and grapes” VOJUODINA 2013.
2013: IX International ex libris competition ex libris - ex erotic 2013 Ruse.
2013: 1. Parcipation in the Guan Lan (China) Biennale of curving. 2. Participation in the DURO (Portugal) Biennale of curving
2012: IX International Graphic competition ex libris Cliwice POLAND 2012.
2012: 5th Mini Prints for peace ΜEXICO 2012.
2012: 1. Curving workshop in view of the activity Athens print festival in Dionysiou Aeropagitou Str – Acropolis (Athens, Greece)
2. Curving workshop in view of the activity Athens print festival in Arsakeio Arcade (Athens/downtown – Greece).
3. Participations and presentations in many international EX LIBRIS
2012: 1. Curving exhibition at the Book Arcade (Athens/downtown, Greece) under the title Invisible cities of the world – Italo Calvino.
2. Curving Exhibition at the gallery Agkathi – Kartalos.
3. Sculpture Exhibition in cooperation of the galleries Art kolonaki and art way, in view of the activity affordable art fair in the exhibition center of Seattle, Washington, USA.
4. Curving exhibition in view of the human rights theme, organized by the gallery of the university John Jay (New York, USA).
2012: 7th International triennale of graphic Art Bitola 2012 SCOPJE
2011: 19th Triennale Grenchen Graphic Art of Balkan SWITZERLAND 2011.
2011: 4th Mini Prints for peace ΜEXICO2011.
2011: 1. Curving Exhibition at the Gounaropoulos Museum (Athens, Greece)
2. Triennale of Graphic Arts (curving) in Krakow (Poland – STAGE 2).
2009: 1. Museum of contemporary art in Thessaloniki Municipality – Prefecture of Thessaloniki (team)
2. Presentation of a part of my work in the annual International Contemporary Masters 2009 book, published by the OMMA Center of Contemporary Art, United States
3. Presentation of my work in the annual paneuropean who is who book, for Greece, published by the corresponding european publisher 4. Presentation of a part of my work at the 2nd students’ biennale in Thessaloniki, Greece (curving)
5. Presentation of my work cocoon and unforseen organised by the art magazine NY arts (ΝΥ Arts, Vol 14, Fall 2009, and ΝΥ Arts, Vol 14, Summer 2009, accordingly htttp// The aforementioned presentation was organised by the magazine in view of the general aspect under the title: exceptional artists who are taking creativity to a whole new level.
2008: IV Rokycanske Biennal in Graphic arts CZECH REPUBLIK 2008.
8th International competition ex libris Bodio Lomnago “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Italy 2016.
XI International graphic ex libris GLIWICE 2016 POLAND
Ι International competition ex libris «RICE» LIONS ΙTALY2014.
GDANSK International competition ex libris Tajemnice chlodnejo Morza POLAND2014.
2008: 1. Young Artists group exhibition, organized by the chamber of conjectural arts (Technopolis – Ghazi- Athens) (team)
2. Gallery enigma in Athens (team)
3. International Curving exhibition in the Chech Republic (team)
4. students’ biennale in Chania Municipality – Prefecture of Chania - Crete island (team)
5. Greek curving panorama in Athens (team).
2007: 1. Spiritual Centre of Vrilisia Municipality - Prefecture of Attiki (individual)
2. Spiritual Centre of Zografou Municipality - Prefecture of Attiki (individual).
2006: Gallery restaurant Black and White in Athens (individual)
1981-2005: Organized by parnassos in Athens (team)
1988: Gallery Kouros in Athens Municipality – Prefecture of Attiki (individual),
Panhellenic Painters Exhibition organized by parnassos
2005 Exhibition of awarded artistis of the period
1987: Panhellenic Painters Exhibition organized by the literary association parnassos
  • 2017: Project "Caryatide protest" at the British Museum with engravings for Caryatids.
  • 2015: Athens University Numerical Museum. Outdoor Engraving Event for Museum Day 17/5 "Drawing Coins"
  • 2014: MUNICIPALITY of Ag. Dimitrios Christmas theme "GRATING ONE GOLF" outdoor
Engraving action on: "THE MARKET OF THE ANCIENT GREEK"
  • 2012: Outdoor Print Workshop under the "Athens print festival" DionysiouAreopagitou - Acropolis
  • 2012: Outdoor Action Engraving on Plan B. Arsakeion Lodge (Athens Center)
  • FOUNDATION Vassiliki Th. Kolipezsa
  • Editing: Emilia Stamatopoulou
  • Performer: SkufabluPopi
  • Characters: KolipetsiaVassiliki, Gini Alexandra, Georga Konstantina, VassilakouArgyri
  • Music: GiorgosAnthis
  • Violin: ChalkiadakiSoficani
  • Song: Kakosimu Olga
  • Photo-Video: Nikoloulias Dimitris
  • Presentation in N.S. Tv. Nea Smyrna Internet Channel on the Historical Tracks with Dimitris Nikoloulias (five shows for engraving). 2015: Presentation on ART AND CULTURE AROMA GREEK ARTIST. Presenter Anna Korcou.
  • I am a member of EETE, Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. My works are in public and private collections, as well as in Piraeus Bank's collection after my contest and award.

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